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House Of Cards Season 3 Predictions

Frank Underwood at the end of season 2 behind the President's desk (Netflix/House of Cards)
Frank Underwood at the end of season 2 behind the President’s desk (Netflix/House of Cards)

House Of Cards Season 3 Predictions

Before we get anywhere near the predictions, this post will be filled with spoilers. If you have not seen the first two seasons or do not want to know about the first two seasons, do not go any further. There are quite a few spoilers involved below.

* * * * * * Spoiler Alert * * * * * *

House of Cards has been an excellent show in its first two season with various twists, turns, and other activities (Frank Underwood, Claire Underwood, and Robert Meechum in “Chapter 24”) embedded throughout. Now, the attention turns to Frank Underwood after his ascent to become the President of the United States.

Frank has been manipulative throughout the first two seasons, but never more so than in season two when he shifted whoever he wanted as a pawn to get to his ultimate goal including former President Garrett Walker. We are left to wonder what else Frank is planning now that he is the President.

Below is a list of predictions for season 3, which may turn out be brilliantly correct or horribly inaccurate. Enjoy and feel free to comment below whether you agree or not!

1. Frank Underwood kills Rachel Posner

What is a season of House of Cards without Frank personally putting the finishing touches on someone’s life?

We certainly know that Frank does not mind getting his hands dirty as he has been personally responsible for two murders already (Congressman Peter Russo in “Chapter 11” and Zoe Barnes in “Chapter 14”). When we last saw Rachel Posner, she was being driven to a safe location by Doug Stamper, but she was worried she was going to be killed and ran into the woods. After Stamper went looking for her, she came out from behind a tree and hit Stamper with a rock repeatedly.

Frank was close with Stamper as his Chief of Staff so there is little doubt that he will want revenge for his death. She is the one link left to all the madness Frank has caused and if she tells the truth, it could spell trouble for the Underwoods. Frank will not let that happen.

2. House Majority Whip Jackie Sharp and Representative Donald Blythe form a Partnership Against Frank

Donald Blythe was nominated to be Vice President by Frank Underwood, which is a curious move considering how at odds the two were throughout the first two seasons (see “Chapter 17” for a great example when the two were quarantined). This could be Frank “keeping his enemies close” and that would make sense.

However, this prediction comes from a conversation that Jackie Sharp and Donald Blythe had in “Chapter 17” when Jackie says, “I’m not Frank Underwood.” Later, when Sharp and Blythe are talking about the devastation of Walker’s impeachment to the Democratic Party (“Chapter 26”), Blythe is clearly on Jackie’s side since he is not a fan of Frank Underwood.

It would not be House of Cards if Frank did not have someone to squash and it usually comes in the form of people in his own party.

3. Seth Grayson Becomes Frank’s Chief Of Staff….Gavin Orsay joins the Team

Alright, the first part is a gimme due to Doug Stamper’s untimely death at the end of season 2 (“Chapter 26”). It only makes sense that Seth moves up to fill the void created by Doug given the amount of promise and loyalty he showed in the second season.

The other part is a true prediction with no certainty of happening. The line of thinking here is that Gavin Orsay feels ignored by Doug after their meeting late in season 2 (“Chapter 26”). Gavin, unaware of Doug’s death, will push for a meeting with the President or unleash what information he has.

Remember, Gavin is aware of Doug’s relationship with Rachel (“Chapter 23”) but does not know the extent of how deep the conspiracy goes. Gavin could be a wonderful source of technological know-how for Frank, which makes him a natural fit to be included in his team… until he becomes a liability.

4. Remy Denton Continues to play both sides of the fence

Of all the characters in House of Cards, Remy Denton represents the one that is hardest to grasp for this author. Even though we are aware he used to work with Frank Underwood, their time together is still shrouded in mystery. Clouding any predictions about Remy is the fact he played both Raymond Tusk and Frank Underwood in season 2 as “insurance.”

Remy is a slippery person in House of Cards, but perhaps he is truly great at keeping his options open. His options here are going to be with whichever team wins and given his relationship with Jackie, it may just end up hurting him.

5. President Underwood and Ayla Sayyad get personal

For those who do not recognize the name Ayla Sayyad, she is a reporter at Wall Street Telegraph. When Frank was at the Civil War reenactment in Virginia (“Chapter 18”), Claire’s former Communications Director Connor Ellis fed her information about Xander Feng and Raymond Tusk.

Ayla later meets with Frank at his home (“Chapter 25”) to discuss the possibility of President Walker being impeached. Frank vehemently defends Walker, though we know this is just a ploy to get Walker back on his side and not on Tusk’s.

We know that Frank likes to have someone in the media to give information too, but that was when he had dirt to give to Zoe and wanted to further his plan. As President will he continue to use the media to his advantage?

Yes and he will have his own puppet in media once again, this time it will be Ayla Sayyad to report what he wants to further his agenda. If this happens, the only question remaining is will she end up like Zoe Barnes?

6. Frank Aligns Himself With Terry Womack and Catherine Durant

We know how Frank loves to play the quid pro quo card with his fellow party members and this will be no different. In season 1, Frank needed the Black Caucus, led by Terry Womack, to get his education bill through Congress. He eventually did and Womack was later made House Majority Leader as Frank positioned his pawns as needed throughout the first two season.

Catherine Durant was made the Secretary of State after Frank torpedoed President Walker’s original nominee Michael Kern. Durant was key in the fall of Xander Feng and Raymond Tusk as she went along with Frank and his plans to anger China.

While both are loyal to Frank, it is time they return their favors in season three for all that Frank has given them. While Womack can give Frank the legislative boost he needs, Durant provides international flavor to Frank’s arsenal. Do not be surprised if Frank starts using overseas actions to get what he wants stateside as we saw with Feng and the Chinese.

7. Garrett Walker, Linda Vasquez, and Raymond Tusk try to bring Frank down

Frank has this talent for irritating members of his party, though he is only doing so out of revenge. We learned in season 1 that Walker’s reason for reneging on his promise to make Frank Secretary of State was done at the behest of Raymond Tusk. Tusk wanted Frank to stay in the House to whip votes (“Chapter 12”), which obviously did not sit well with Frank. In turn, Frank destroyed them both, but now the tables have turned.

It is clear why these three would want to take Frank down. Garrett Walker lost the Presidency, Linda Vasquez was marginalized by Frank (“Chapter 21”), and Tusk is on the doorstep of prison if Frank does not give him the full pardon he promised.

With Frank as President, it would make sense of him to use his new found powers to keep tabs on these three. Frank would not be so ignorant to forget all the people he used and crushed on his path to the Presidency, would he?

Of course not, but that does not mean these three will not try and grind their respective axes with Frank. They will be valiant in their efforts, but ultimately will not succeed.

8. Claire Finally Cracks

As manipulative and domineering as Frank has been, Claire can also act the same way when she wants to be. Case in point was in season 2 (“Chapter 14”) when Claire told former employee Gillian Cole, “I am willing to let your child wither and die inside you, if that’s what’s required.”

At the end of season 2 (“Chapter 26”) we saw Claire breakdown over what has transpired in order for Frank to become President. This came on the heels of lying to Tricia Walker and seeing Megan Hennessey after she attempted suicide. Earlier in season 2 (“Chapter 22”) Claire’s former lover Adam Galloway was brought to Frank’s house to end the controversy over photos of Claire. At this point, it was clear Claire and Adam would not be seeing each other again.

If the road to get to this point has rattled Claire, Frank’s Presidency will only get to her further. It is difficult to say how Claire will crack, but it will be something drastic (not like a several day getaway to see Adam).


House of Cards Season 3 will be coming out Friday, February 27 on Netflix. Release time is at 12 AM Pacific time. Be sure to check back to see if these predictions were correct (or terribly wrong) and feel free to comment below with your predictions as well!