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Euro 2016 Group and Knockout Stage Schedules

The French National Team training in March 2016. Ousmane Dembele is pictured trying to control the ball. Euro 2016 will be held across France in June and July. (AFP / Franck Fife)

Euro 2016 Group and Knockout Stage Schedules

We are just two weeks away from the start of Euro 2016 and the group stage schedule is known along with the composition of the groups. Below are the groups as well as the schedule for each game in that group. Game times are Eastern Standard Time for the United States. The stadium and location of the stadia are also noted below.

Also provided are the daily schedules of the games that can be found near the bottom of this post. TV channels will be provided when they are known. Below the group standings and schedules are the daily schedules

Group A

France (A)32104137
Switzerland (A)31202115
Albania (Elim)310213-23
Romania (Elim)301224-21

DateTime (EST)Team #1ScoreTeam #2TVStadiumLocation
10-Jun-20163:00 PMFrance2:1RomaniaESPN2Stade de FranceSaint-Denis
11-Jun-20169:00 AMAlbania0:1SwitzerlandESPNStade Bollaert-DelelisLens
15-Jun-201612:00 PMRomania1:1SwitzerlandESPNParc des PrincesParis
15-Jun-20163:00 PMFrance2:0AlbaniaESPNStade VelodromeMarseille
19-Jun-20163:00 PMSwitzerland0:0FranceESPNStade Pierre-MauroyLille
19-Jun-20163:00 PMRomania0:1AlbaniaESPN2Parc Olympique LyonnaisLyon

Group B

Wales (A)32016336
England (A)31203215
Slovakia (A)31113304
Russia (Elim)301226-41

DateTime (EST)Team #1ScoreTeam #2TVStadiumLocation
11-Jun-201612:00 PMWales2:1SlovakiaESPNNouveau Stade de BordeauxBordeaux
11-Jun-20163:00 PMEngland1:1RussiaESPNStade VelodromeMarseille
15-Jun-20169:00 AMRussia1:2SlovakiaESPNStade Pierre-MauroyLille
16-Jun-20169:00 AMEngland2:1WalesESPNStade Bollaert-DelelisLens
20-Jun-20163:00 PMSlovakia0:0EnglandESPNStade Geoffroy-GuichardSaint-Etienne
20-Jun-20163:00 PMRussia0:3WalesESPN2Stade MunicipalToulouse

Group C

Germany (A)32103037
Poland (A)32102027
Ireland (A)
Ukraine (Elim)300305-50

DateTime (EST)Team #1ScoreTeam #2TVStadiumLocation
12-Jun-201612:00 PMPoland1:0N IrelandESPNAllianz RivieraNice
12-Jun-20163:00 PMGermany2:0UkraineESPNStade Pierre-MauroyLille
16-Jun-201612:00 PMUkraine0:2N IrelandESPNParc Olympique LyonnaisLyon
16-Jun-20163:00 PMGermany0:0PolandESPNStade de FranceSaint-Denis
21-Jun-201612:00 PMN Ireland0:1GermanyESPNParc des PrincesParis
21-Jun-201612:00 PMUkraine0:1PolandESPN2Stade VelodromeMarseille

Group D

Croatia (A)32105327
Spain (A)32015236
Turkey (Elim)310224-23
Czech Republic (Elim)301225-31

DateTime (EST)Team #1ScoreTeam #2TVStadiumLocation
12-Jun-20169:00 AMTurkey0:1CroatiaESPNParc des PrincesParis
13-Jun-20169:00 AMSpain1:0Czech Rep.ESPNStade MunicipalToulouse
17-Jun-201612:00 PMCzech Rep.2:2CroatiaESPNStade Geoffroy-GuichardSaint-Etienne
17-Jun-20163:00 PMSpain3:0TurkeyESPNAllianz RivieraNice
21-Jun-20163:00 PMCroatia2:1SpainESPNNouveau Stade de BordeauxBordeaux
21-Jun-20163:00 PMCzech Rep.0:2TurkeyESPN2Stade Bollaert-DelelisLens

Group E

Italy (A)32013126
Belgium (A)32014226
Rep. of Ireland (A)311124-24
Sweden (Elim)301213-21

DateTime (EST)Team #1ScoreTeam #2TVStadiumLocation
13-Jun-201612:00 PMRep. Ireland1:1SwedenESPNStade de FranceSaint-Denis
13-Jun-20163:00 PMBelgium2:0ItalyESPNParc Olympique LyonnaisLyon
17-Jun-20169:00 AMItaly1:0SwedenESPNStadium MunicipalToulouse
18-Jun-20169:00 AMBelgium3:0Rep. IrelandESPNNouveau Stade de BordeauxBordeaux
22-Jun-20163:00 PMItaly0:1Rep. IrelandESPNStade Pierre-MauroyLille
22-Jun-20163:00 PMSweden0:1BelgiumESPN2Allianz RivieraNice

Group F

Hungary (A)31206425
Iceland (A)31204315
Portugal (A)30304403
Austria (Elim)301114-31

DateTime (EST)Team #1ScoreTeam #2TVStadiumLocation
14-Jun-201612:00 PMAustria0:2HungaryESPNNouveau Stade de BordeauxBordeaux
14-Jun-20163:00 PMPortugal1:1IcelandESPNStade Geoffroy-GuichardSaint-Etienne
18-Jun-201612:00 PMIceland1:1HungaryESPNStade VelodromeMarseille
18-Jun-20163:00 PMPortugal0:0AustriaESPNParc des PrincesParis
22-Jun-201612:00 PMHungary3:3PortugalESPNParc Olympique LyonnaisLyon
22-Jun-201612:00 PMIceland2:1AustriaESPN2Stade de FranceSaint-Denis

June 10 Schedule

DateTime (EST)Team #1ScoreTeam #2TVStadiumLocationGroup
10-Jun-20163:00 PMFrance2:1RomaniaESPN2Stade de FranceSaint-DenisGroup A

June 11 Schedule

DateTime (EST)Team #1ScoreTeam #2TVStadiumLocationGroup
11-Jun-20169:00 AMAlbania0:1SwitzerlandESPNStade Bollaert-DelelisLensGroup A
11-Jun-201612:00 PMWales2:1SlovakiaESPNNouveau Stade de BordeauxBordeauxGroup B
11-Jun-20163:00 PMEngland1:1RussiaESPNStade VelodromeMarseilleGroup B

June 12 Schedule

DateTime (EST)Team #1ScoreTeam #2TVStadiumLocationGroup
12-Jun-20169:00 AMTurkey0:1CroatiaESPNParc des PrincesParisGroup D
12-Jun-201612:00 PMPoland1:0N IrelandESPNAllianz RivieraNiceGroup C
12-Jun-20163:00 PMGermany2:0UkraineESPNStade Pierre-MauroyLilleGroup C

June 13 Schedule

DateTime (EST)Team #1ScoreTeam #2TVStadiumLocationGroup
13-Jun-20169:00 AMSpain1:0Czech Rep.ESPNStade MunicipalToulouseGroup D
13-Jun-201612:00 PMRep. Ireland1:1SwedenESPNStade de FranceSaint-DenisGroup E
13-Jun-20163:00 PMBelgium0:2ItalyESPNParc Olympique LyonnaisLyonGroup E

June 14 Schedule

DateTime (EST)Team #1ScoreTeam #2TVStadiumLocationGroup
14-Jun-201612:00 PMAustria0:2HungaryESPNNouveau Stade de BordeauxBordeauxGroup F
14-Jun-20163:00 PMPortugal1:1IcelandESPNStade Geoffroy-GuichardSaint-EtienneGroup F

June 15 Schedule

DateTime (EST)Team #1ScoreTeam #2TVStadiumLocationGroup
15-Jun-20169:00 AMRussia1:2SlovakiaESPNStade Pierre-MauroyLilleGroup B
15-Jun-201612:00 PMRomania1:1SwitzerlandESPNParc des PrincesParisGroup A
15-Jun-20163:00 PMFrance2:0AlbaniaESPNStade VelodromeMarseilleGroup A

June 16 Schedule

DateTime (EST)Team #1ScoreTeam #2TVStadiumLocationGroup
16-Jun-20169:00 AMEngland2:1WalesESPNStade Bollaert-DelelisLensGroup B
16-Jun-201612:00 PMUkraine0:2N IrelandESPNParc Olympique LyonnaisLyonGroup C
16-Jun-20163:00 PMGermany0:0PolandESPNStade de FranceSaint-DenisGroup C

June 17 Schedule

DateTime (EST)Team #1ScoreTeam #2TVStadiumLocationGroup
17-Jun-20169:00 AMItaly1:0SwedenESPNStadium MunicipalToulouseGroup E
17-Jun-201612:00 PMCzech Rep.2:2CroatiaESPNStade Geoffroy-GuichardSaint-EtienneGroup D
17-Jun-20163:00 PMSpain3:0TurkeyESPNAllianz RivieraNiceGroup D

June 18 Schedule

DateTime (EST)Team #1ScoreTeam #2TVStadiumLocationGroup
18-Jun-20169:00 AMBelgium3:0Rep. IrelandESPNNouveau Stade de BordeauxBordeauxGroup E
18-Jun-201612:00 PMIceland1:1HungaryESPNStade VelodromeMarseilleGroup F
18-Jun-20163:00 PMPortugal0:0AustriaESPNParc des PrincesParisGroup F

June 19 Schedule

DateTime (EST)Team #1ScoreTeam #2TVStadiumLocationGroup
19-Jun-20163:00 PMSwitzerland0:0FranceESPNStade Pierre-MauroyLilleGroup A
19-Jun-20163:00 PMRomania0:1AlbaniaESPN2Parc Olympique LyonnaisLyonGroup A

June 20 Schedule

DateTime (EST)Team #1ScoreTeam #2TVStadiumLocationGroup
20-Jun-20163:00 PMSlovakia0:0EnglandESPNStade Geoffroy-GuichardSaint-EtienneGroup B
20-Jun-20163:00 PMRussia0:3WalesESPN2Stade MunicipalToulouseGroup B

June 21 Schedule

DateTime (EST)Team #1ScoreTeam #2TVStadiumLocationGroup
21-Jun-201612:00 PMN Ireland0:1GermanyESPNParc des PrincesParisGroup C
21-Jun-201612:00 PMUkraine0:1PolandESPN2Stade VelodromeMarseilleGroup C
21-Jun-20163:00 PMCroatia2:1SpainESPNNouveau Stade de BordeauxBordeauxGroup D
21-Jun-20163:00 PMCzech Rep.0:2TurkeyESPN2Stade Bollaert-DelelisLensGroup D

June 22 Schedule

DateTime (EST)Team #1ScoreTeam #2TVStadiumLocationGroup
22-Jun-201612:00 PMHungary3:3PortugalESPNParc Olympique LyonnaisLyonGroup F
22-Jun-201612:00 PMIceland2:1AustriaESPN2Stade de FranceSaint-DenisGroup F
22-Jun-20163:00 PMItaly0:1Rep. IrelandESPNStade Pierre-MauroyLilleGroup E
22-Jun-20163:00 PMSweden0:1BelgiumESPN2Allianz RivieraNiceGroup E

Knockout Stages

Below is the schedule for each of the knockout stages starting with the Round of 16 followed by the Quarter-finals, Semi-finals, and Final. The schedules will be updated as the participants are known.

Round of 16 Schedule

DateTime (EST)Team #1ScoreTeam #2TVStadiumLocation
25-Jun-20169 AMSwizterland1:1 (4:5 PK)PolandESPNStade Geoffroy-GulchardSaint-Etienne
25-Jun-201612 PMWales1:0Northern IrelandESPNParc de PrincesParis
25-Jun-20163 PMCroatia0:1 (aet)PortugalESPNStade Bollaert-DelelisLen
26-Jun-20169 AMFrance2:1Republic of IrelandESPNParc Olympique LyonnaisLyon
26-Jun-201612 PMGermany3:0SlovakiaESPNStade Pierre-MauroyVilleneuve-d'Ascq
26-Jun-20163 PMHungary0:4BelgiumESPNStadium MunicipalToulouse
27-June-201612 PMItaly2:0SpainESPN2Stade de FranceSaint-Denis
27-June-20163 PMEngland1:2IcelandESPN2Allianz RiveriaNice

Quarter-Finals Schedule

DateTime (EST)Team #1ScoreTeam #2TVStadiumLocation
30-Jun-20163 PMPoland1:1 (3:5 PK)PortugalESPN2Stade VelodromeMarseille
1-Jul-20163 PMWales3:1BelgiumESPN2Stade Pierre-MauroyVilleneuve-d'Asq
2-Jul-20163 PMGermany1:1 (6:5 PK)ItalyESPN2Nouveau Stade de BordeauxBordeaux
3-Jul-20163 PMFrance5:2IcelandESPNStade de FranceSaint-Denis

Semi-Finals Schedule

DateTime (EST)Team #1ScoreTeam #2TVStadiumLocation
6-Jul-20163 PMPortugal2:0WalesESPNParc Olympique LyonnaisLyon
7-Jul-20163 PMGermany0:2FranceESPNStade VelodromeMarseille


DateTime (EST)Team #1ScoreTeam #2TVStadiumLocation
10-Jul-20163 PMPortugal1:0 (aet)FranceESPNStade de FranceSaint-Denis

UEFA World Cup Play-off Draw Thoughts

Earlier today the play-off draw for UEFA took place in Zurich, Switzerland. The seeded teams were Portugal, Greece, Croatia, and Ukraine. The unseeded teams were France, Sweden, Romania, and Iceland. Here is how the Draw shook out:

Portugal vs Sweden

Ukraine vs France

Greece vs Romania

Iceland vs Croatia

All first leg ties will take place on Friday, November 15, 2013 and the second leg ties will be played on Tuesday, November 19, 2013.

Portugal vs Sweden

I personally see Sweden upsetting Portugal in the first leg match in Portugal. Portugal has had issues at home in this World Cup cycle including draws versus Israel and Northern Ireland. Sweden has played well on the road including a 4-4 draw AT Germany in October 2012.

Ukraine vs France

The Ukraine-France tie is  interesting. Both teams  went unbeaten on the road in this WC Qualifying cycle, while France lost once at home to Spain and Ukraine also lost once at home to Montenegro. Part of me thinks Ukraine will win this tie, but I will go with France because they seem to get it done when it is win or stay home.

Greece vs Romania

I see a couple of typical Greece games. Defensive and counter-attacking with Greece capitalizing on their few chances. I have a difficult time seeing Romania win this tie, but it would be nice to Romania make the World Cup for the first time since 1998.

Iceland vs Croatia

Normally I would call this one for Croatia in a romp, but there are some serious issues with how Croatia finished qualifying in Group A. Croatia obtained 1 point out of a possible 12 in their last four games. In addition, they lost two of those last four games to Scotland. That is not a sign you want to see prior to the two biggest games of the year. Meanwhile, Iceland went unbeaten in their last four games, winning two and drawing the other two. I’m going to pick Croatia to win the tie, but I expect high scoring affairs and would not at all be surprised to see Iceland make their first World Cup.

Betting Odds

Here are the betting odds as of this writing for each team to make the 2014 World Cup. The lines are from 5Dimes.

Portugal: -250

Sweden: +190

Ukraine: +265

France: -355

Greece: -130

Romania: +100

Iceland: +423

Croatia: -600