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2015-16 Road To The Derby Series Announced

The 2015-16 Road to the Derby Series was announced on Wednesday with a few tweaks. The Road to the Derby series will determine which horses can enter the Kentucky Derby via a points system. There are two separate categories for the races with the first 19 races comprising the Kentucky Derby Prep Season. Those races will award 10 points to first, 4 points to second, 2 points to third, and 1 point to fourth.

There tweak comes in for the Grade 1 Breeders’ Cup Juvenile where the points are doubled. The winner receives 20 points, second place receives 8 points, 4 points will go to third, and 2 points to the fourth place finishers. It is also the same for the Grade 1 Breeders’ Cup Juvenile Fillies where the points are doubled.

The 2015 Breeders’ Cup Juvenile and Breeders’ Cup Juvenile Fillies will take place at Keeneland this year on October 31.

The final 16 races of the Road to the Derby series is called the Kentucky Derby Championship Series. Here, the points are even greater with wins going for 50 or 100 points. There is one wild card race, the Lexington Stakes, that will award only 10, 4, 2, and 1 points to the top four finishers respectively.

The table below is the schedule for the 2015-16 Road to the Derby. Please note that the dates for the stakes races beyond the Breeders’ Cup Juvenile are tentative and subject to change. The same is true for the grade of the races, which are subject to change near the end of the year.

DateTrackRaceGradeDistancePreviewRecapPoints AwardedWinner2nd Place3rd Place4th Place
9/12/2015Churchill DownsIroquoisIII1 1/16 MilesPreviewRecap10-4-2-1Cocked and LoadedRated R SuperstarUnbridled OutlawConquest Windycity
9/26/2015Santa AnitaFrontRunnerI1 1/16 MilesPreviewRecap10-4-2-1NyquistSwipeHollywood DonRare Candy
10/3/2015Belmont ParkChampagneI1 MilePreviewRecap10-4-2-1GreenpointcrusaderSunny RidgePortfolio ManagerSail Ahoy
10/3/2015KeenelandBreeders' FuturityI1 1/16 MilesPreviewRecap10-4-2-1Brody's CauseExaggeratorRated R SuperstarSticksstatelydude
10/4/2015WoodbineGreyIII1 1/16 Miles (Synthetic)PreviewRecap10-4-2-1RikerKasseopia (GB)TizzarunnerVan Damme
10/31/2015KeenelandBreeders' Cup JuvenileI1 1/16 MilesPreviewRecap20-8-4-2NyquistSwipeBrody's CauseExaggerator
11/21/2015Delta DownsDelta Downs JackpotIII1 1/16 MilesPreviewRecap10-4-2-1ExaggeratorSunny RidgeHarlan PunchFound Money
11/28/2015AqueductRemsenII1 1/8 MilesPreviewRecap10-4-2-1MohaymenFlexibilityGift BoxSail Ahoy
11/28/2015Churchill DownsKentucky Jockey ClubII1 1/16 MilesPreviewRecap10-4-2-1AiroforceMor SpiritMo TomGun Runner
12/19/2015Los AlamitosLos Alamitos FuturityI1 1/16 MilesPreviewRecap10-4-2-1Mor SpiritToews On IceI'malreadythereUrlacher
1/2/2016AqueductJeromeIII1 Mile 70 YardsPreviewRecap10-4-2-1FlexibilityVorticityIn EqualityBird of Trey
1/9/2016Santa AnitaShamIII1 MilePreviewRecap10-4-2-1CollectedLet's Meet In RioLaobanFound Money
1/16/2016Fair GroundsLecomteIII1 Mile 70 YardsPreviewRecap10-4-2-1Mo TomTom's ReadyUncle WalterDestin
1/18/2016OaklawnSmarty Jones1 MilePreviewRecap10-4-2-1DiscreetnessGordy FloridaSynchronyLuna de Loco
1/30/2016GulfstreamHoly BullII1 1/16 MilesPreviewRecap10-4-2-1MoyahemGreenpointcrusaderFellowshipConquest Big E
1/30/2016AqueductWithersIII1 1/16 MilesPreviewRecap10-4-2-1Sunny RidgeVorticityAdventistFlexibility
2/6/2016Santa AnitaRobert B. LewisIII1 1/16 MilesPreviewRecap10-4-2-1Mor SpiritUncle LinoI Will ScoreDressed In Hermes
2/13/2016Golden GateEl Camino Real DerbyIII1 1/8 Miles (Synthetic)PreviewRecap10-4-2-1Frank ConversationTuskKasseopia (GB)San Dimas
2/15/2016OaklawnSouthwestIII1 1/16 MilesPreviewRecap10-4-2-1SuddenbreakingnewsWhitemoreAmerican DubaiCollected
2/20/2016Fair GroundsRisen StarII1 1/16 MilesPreviewRecap50-20-10-5Gun RunnerForevamoMo TomCandy My Boy
2/27/2016GulfstreamFountain of YouthII1 1/16 MilesPreviewRecap50-20-10-5MohaymenZuluFellowshipAwesome Speed
3/5/2016AqueductGotham StakesIII1 1/16 MilesPreviewRecap50-20-10-5ShagafLaobanAdventistSunny Ridge
3/12/2016Tampa BayTamp Bay DerbyII1 1/16 MilesPreviewRecap50-20-10-5DestinOutworkStar HillRafting
3/12/2016Santa AnitaSan FelipeII1 1/16 MilesPreviewRecap50-20-10-5Danzing CandyMor SpiritExaggeratorUncle Lino
3/19/2016OaklawnRebel StakesII1 1/16 MilesPreviewRecap50-20-10-5CupidWhitmoreCreatorCherry Wine
3/20/2016SunlandSunland Derby (Cancelled)III1 1/8 MilesCancellation NoticeNo Points AwardedN/AN/AN/AN/A
3/26/2016MeydanUAE Derby1 3/16 MilesN/ARecap100-40-20-10LaniPolar RiverYu ChangeVale Dori
3/26/2016Fair GroundsLouisiana DerbyII1 1/8 MilesPreviewRecap100-40-20-10Gun RunnerTom's ReadyDazzling GemMo Tom
4/2/2016TurfwaySpiral StakesIII1 1/8 Miles (Synthetic)PreviewRecap50-20-10-5Oscar NominatedAzarSurgical StrikeTwo Step Time
4/2/2016GulfstreamFlorida DerbyI1 1/8 MilesPreviewRecap100-40-20-10NyquistMajestoFellowshipMohaymen
4/9/2016AqueductWood MemorialI1 1/8 MilesPreviewPreview100-40-20-10OutworkTrojan NationAdventistMatt King Coal
4/9/2016KeenelandBlue GrassI1 1/8 MilesPreviewPreview100-40-20-10Brody's CauseMy Man SamCherry WineLaoban
4/9/2016Santa AnitaSanta Anita DerbyI1 1/8 MilesPreviewRecap100-40-20-10ExaggeratorMor SpiritUncle LinoDanzing Candy
4/16/2016OaklawnArkansas DerbyI1 1/8 MilesPreviewRecap100-40-20-10CreatorSuddenbreakingnewsWhitmoreDazzling Gem
4/16/2016KeenelandLexington StakesIII1 1/16 MilesPreviewRecap10-4-2-1CollectedOne More RoundSynchronyDirect Message

The 2015-16 Road to the Oaks is comprised of 31 races. The first 16 races are called the Kentucky Oaks Prep Season and award 10 points to the winner, 4 points to second place, 2 points to third, and 1 point to the fourth place finisher, except for the Grade 1 Breeders’ Cup Juvenile Fillies (20-8-4-2).

The final 15 races are called the Kentucky Oaks Championship Series and awards 50 or 100 points to the winner, depending on the race. The Beaumont at Keeneland is the wild card race with a 10-4-2-1 points payout.

Below is the 2015-16 Road to the Oaks schedule. As with the Derby, the dates are tentative and subject to change. The graded status can also change prior to the end of the year.

DateTrackRaceGradeDistancePreviewRecapPoints AwardedWinner2nd Place3rd Place4th Place
9/12/2015Churchill DownsPocahontasII1 1/16 MilesPreviewRecap10-4-2-1Dothraki QueenDream DanceBold QualityJust Wicked
9/26/2015Santa AnitaChandelierI1 1/16 MilesPreviewRecap10-4-2-1SongbirdLand Over SeaRight ThereVieja Luna
10/2/2015KeenelandAlcibiadesI1 1/16 MilesPreviewRecap10-4-2-1GomoDothraki QueenMa Can Do ItPut Da Blame On Me
10/3/2015Belmont ParkFrizetteI1 MilePreviewRecap10-4-2-1NicknameNemoraliaShe's All ReadyWidth
10/4/2015WoodbineMazarineIII1 1/16 Miles (Synthetic)PreviewRecap10-4-2-1Gamble's GhostSwoop and StrikeGaravogue ColleenAudacious Bear
10/31/2015KeenelandBreeders' Cup Juvenile FilliesI1 1/16 MilesPreviewRecap20-8-4-2SongbirdRachel's ValentinaDothraki QueenNickname
11/21/2015Delta DownsDelta Downs PrincessIII1 MilePreviewRecap10-4-2-1Jet Black MagicLa AppassionataAbove FashionLearning Curve
11/28/2015AqueductDemoiselleII1 1/8 MilesPreviewRecap10-4-2-1Lewis BayThrilledDisco RoseFlora Dora
11/28/2015Churchill DownsGolden RodII1 1/16 MilesPreviewRecap10-4-2-1Carina MiaStageplayDream DanceDothraki Queen
12/12/2015Los AlamitosStarletI1 1/16 MilesPreviewRecap10-4-2-1Street FancyStays In VegasSutton's SmilePretty N Cool
1/2/2016Santa AnitaSanta YnezII6.5 FurlongsPreviewRecap10-4-2-1Forever DarlingCode WarriorPretty N CoolTreasuring
1/16/2016Fair GroundsSilverbulletday1 Mile 70 YardsPreviewRecap10-4-2-1StageplayMidnight On OconeeJet Black MagicLovable Lyss
1/30/2016GulfstreamForward GalII7 FurlongsPreviewRecap10-4-2-1Cathryn SophiaIsland SaintBallet DivaRontos Lily
1/31/2016 (Rescheduled from 1/23/16)AqueductBusanda1 Mile 70 YardsPreviewRecap10-4-2-1Flora DoraScatooshLost RavenDreams To Reality
2/6/2016OaklawnMartha Washington1 MilePreviewRecap10-4-2-1Marquee MissNicknameDorodansaDurango
2/6/2016Santa AnitaLas VirgenesII1 MilePreviewRecap10-4-2-1SongbirdLand Over SeaShe's A WarriorMerirosvo
2/20/2016Fair GroundsRachel AlexandraII1 1/16 MilesPreviewRecap50-20-10-5Venus ValentineMidnight On OconeeShakenRoyal Obsession
2/27/2016AqueductBusher1 1/16 MilesPreviewRecap50-20-10-5Mo d'AmourDreams To RealityKatniss The VictorFlora Dora
2/27/2016GulfstreamDavona DaleII1 MilePreviewRecap50-20-10-5Cathryn SophiaLewis BayDearestR Girls A Charmer
3/3/2016MeydanUAE Oaks1 3/16 MilesN/AN/A50-20-10-5Polar RiverVale DoriDolly Dagger
3/5/2016Santa AnitaSanta YsabelIII1 1/16 MilesPreviewRecap50-20-10-5SongbirdLand Over SeaMokatJade Princess
3/12/2016OaklawnHoneybeeIII1 1/16 MilesPreviewRecap50-20-10-5Terra PromessaNicknameCosmic EvolutionDorodansa
3/20/2016SunlandSunland Oaks (Cancelled)1 1/16 MilesCancellation NoticeN/ANo Points AwardedN/AN/AN/AN/A
3/26/2016Fair GroundsFair Grounds OaksII1 1/16 MilesPreviewRecap100-40-20-10Land Over SeaDream DanceAdoreNorthwest Tale
4/2/2016TurfwayBourbonette OaksIII1 Mile (Synthetic)PreviewRecap50-20-10-5WondermentInconclusiveMarquee MissMiss Meteor
4/2/2016GulfstreamGulfstream Park OaksII1 1/16 MilesPreviewRecap100-40-20-10Go Maggie GoPaola QueenOff The TracksGomo
4/9/2016Santa AnitaSanta Anita OaksI1 1/16 MilesPreviewRecap100-40-20-10SongbirdMokatShe's A WarriorForever Darling
4/9/2016AqueductGazelleII1 1/8 MilesPreviewRecap100-40-20-10Lewis BayRoyal ObsessionMo d'AmourDreams To Reality
4/9/2016KeenelandAshlandI1 1/16 MilesPreviewRecap100-40-20-10Weep No MoreRachel's ValentinaCathryn SophiaCarina Mia
4/9/2016OaklawnFantasyIII1 1/16 MilesPreviewRecap100-40-20-10Terra PromessaTaxableReady To ConfessCosmic Evolution
4/17/2016KeenelandBeaumontIII7 FurlongsPreviewRecap10-4-2-1LightstreamNicknameKinsley KissesR Girls A Charmer

As with the 2015 Road to the Derby, previews and recaps of each race can be found here on Sports Enthusiasts.

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