Ivy League Basketball Roundup: 12/28/2014

Below is the Ivy League Basketball Roundup for Sunday, December 28, 2014. After a short Christmas break the Ivy League is back in action with Columbia, Brown, Harvard, and Cornell playing.


Columbia Rallies In Second Half To Top Colgate

Columbia was able to overcome 26 points from Colgate’s Ethan Jacobs to secure the victory by a score of 69-64.

The first half was an even performance from both teams. Neither Colgate nor Columbia was able to assert themselves establish a commanding lead. Colgate led 14-9 with over 13 minutes to play, but an 8-2 run by Columbia gave them the lead at 17-16. Columbia led by as much as 4 points following back-to-back three pointers from Maodo Lo. The first half ended with Colgate leading 33-31.

Ethan Jacobs scored half of his 26 points in the first half on 5 of 8 shooting. The Raiders shot 60.9% from the field and hit 4 of 7 three pointers (57.1%). They committed only 5 turnovers in the first 20 minutes. The Lions were led by Lo’s 11 points on 4 of 7 shooting and 3 of 7 from behind the arc. Columbia shot 52% in the first half and made 5 of 12 three pointers (41.7%). They won on the glass 12-9 and committed 6 turnovers.

The second half began with Colgate taking a 36-31 lead before a 7-0 run by Columbia gave them the lead at 38-36. That run was fueled by 5 points from Kyle Castlin. Jacobs answered back with a three pointer for Colgate and a 39-38 lead. However, that would be the last time the Raiders led. The game continued to be close until the Lions pushed their lead to 12 points at 65-53 with 90 seconds left in the game. An 11-2 run by Colgate over the next 1:13 cut the deficit to 67-64. The were still nervy moments when Luke Roh stole the ball from Jeff Coby and pushed it to Ethan Jacobs for a game-tying three point attempt. The shot was no good and Lo drained two free throws to ice the game.

In the second half Jacobs once again led Colgate with 13 points. The Raiders shot 43.5% from the field and hit 4 of 8 three pointers (50%). They also committed only 4 turnovers. Kyle Castlin’s 10 points led Columbia in the second half while Cory Osetkowski finished with 8 points. The Lions shot 44.4% and hit 4 of 9 three pointers (44.4%). They made all 10 of their free throws, crushed Colgate on the glass 17-5, and committed 7 turnovers.

For the game, Jacobs finished with 26 points on 9 of 18 shooting and 5 of 10 from the perimeter. Matt McCullen finished with 12 points and 7 rebounds while both Austin Tillotson and Luke Roh had 10 points. The Raiders went 24 of 46 from the field (52.2%) and hit 8 of 15 three pointers (53.3%). They made 8 of 12 free throws (66.7%), had 11 assists, and committed only 9 turnovers.

Maodo Lo led Columbia with 15 points on 4 of 9 shooting (3 of 5 from behind the arc) and grabbed 6 rebounds. Cory Osetkowski scored 14 points, Steve Frankoski finished with 13 points, and Kyle Castlin had 12 points. Isaach Cohen finished with 5 points, but grabbed 8 rebounds and had 10 assists. The Lions went 25 of 52 from the field (48.1%) and hit 9 of 21 three pointers (42.9%). They went 10 of 12 from the charity stripe (83.3%), out-rebounded Colgate 33-16, had 16 assists, and committed 13 turnovers.

Colgate (3-10) has now lost three games in a row. They face Lehigh (6-5) on the road Wednesday night. Columbia (7-4) is now 6-1 at home this season and faces St. Francis (NY) (5-7) Tuesday night on the road.


Brown Beats Sacred Heart For Fourth Straight Victory

Leland King led Brown with 19 points and more importantly to a 79-76 win over Sacred Heart.

Prior to the under 12 timeout of the first half, Brown led 17-8. They continued to lead for the rest of the first half, but it oscillated between single and double digits. The Bears led 32-21 with over 5 minutes remaining before a 9-0 run by Sacred Heart brought the deficit down to 2 points. 8 of the 9 points came from Evan Kelly and Cane Broome. The two teams continued to battle until the first half ended 40-37 in favor of Brown.

Cane Broome led the Pioneers with 14 points in the first half on 5 of 9 shooting. The Pioneers hit 43.8% of their shots and made 3 of 9 three pointers (33.3%). They made all 6 of their free throws, had 8 steals, and committed 12 turnovers. Leland King led Brown with 11 points in the first half on 5 of 8 shooting. The Bears shot 48.4% from the field and hit only 3 of 12 three pointers (25%). They made 7 of 10 free throws, had 9 steals, and committed 11 turnovers.

The second half began with Sacred Heart going on a 7-1 run to lead 44-41. The Bears responded with a 9-2 run of their own to reclaim the advantage at 50-46. The game continued to be a battle with the Pioneers retaking the lead 60-55 and nearly holding it for the rest of the game. The final few minutes produced a back and forth affair with Brown taking the lead 68-67 on Rafael Maia’s. Cane Broome’s three pointer tied the game at 72 before back-to-back buckets from Tavon Blackmon and Leland King gave Brown the 76-72 lead. Blackmon hit two late free throws to seal the win for the Bears.

In the second half Sacred Heart was led with 9 points from a trio of players. Tevin Falzon, Cane Broome, and Evan Kelley all finished on 9 points. The Pioneers hit 48.4% of their shots and made 4 of 9 three pointers (44.4%). They had 6 steals and committed 6 turnovers. Steven Spieth had 9 points to lead Brown in the final 20 minutes. King finished with 8 points while Maia and Blackmon both had 7 points. The Bears shot 48.1% in the second half and hit 2 of 6 three pointers (33.3%). They won the rebound battle 18-14 and had 7 turnovers.

For the game, Cane Broome led Sacred Heart with 23 points on 9 of 15 shooting. Evan Kelley finished with 17 points while Tevin Falzon scored 13 points. The Pioneers went 29 of 63 from the field (46%) and hit 7 of 18 three pointers (38.9%). They went 11 of 13 from the free throw line (84.6%). They had 18 assists, made 14 steals, and committed 18 turnovers.

Brown had 4 players finish in double figures with Leland King’s 19 points and 9 rebounds leading the way. He made those 19 points on 9 of 14 shooting. Rafael Maia had 13 points and 9 rebounds, Steven Spieth had 13 points, and Tavon Blackmon had 13 points and 8 assists. Cedric Kuakumensah finished with 9 points and 7 rebounds. The Bears went 28 of 58 from the field (48.3%) and hit 5 of 18 three pointers (27.8%). They made 18 of 27 free throws (66.7%), out-rebounded the Pioneers slightly 35-34, had 15 assists, made 13 steals, and committed 18 turnovers.

Sacred Heart (6-6) faces another Ivy League team on Tuesday night in Yale (9-4). Brown (7-6) has won 4 straight games and 6 of their last 7 games after starting 1-5. They face Rhode Island (7-3) Wednesday night on the road.


Harvard Drops Another Big Game On The Road

After last week’s horrendous game at Virginia, Harvard looked to bounce back. Once again, a poor shooting half led them to defeat, but this time it was the second half. Arizona State won 56-46 after Harvard shot 26.1% in the final 20 minutes.

Harvard got off to a solid start taking a 5-0 lead while it took the Sun Devils 3:31 to get their first points. Still, it was an even battle for much of the first half until Arizona State jumped out to a 30-23 lead after going 10-2 run. Harvard made a small rally of 6-2 to end the half, but still trailed 32-28 at the break.

Wesley Saunders led the Crimson with 13 points while Siyani Chambers scored 10. Harvard shot 47.6% from the field and made 3 of 4 three pointers (75%). They blocked 6 shots, but also committed 6 turnovers. Roosevelt Scott and Shaquielle McKissic led ASU with 8 points apiece. The Sun Devils shot 41.9% from the field and hit 3 of 7 three pointers (42.9%). They out-rebounded Harvard 18-12 and committed 5 turnovers.

The second half was a grind for both teams. Harvard closed it to a 38-37 game following Corbin Miller’s three pointer with 14:42 remaining. Several minutes later, two buckets from Gerry Blakes gave ASU a 47-39 lead. The Crimson cut it back to 47-43, but they struggled down the stretch scoring only 3 points in the final 7 minutes and lost 56-46.

In the second half, Corbin Miller scored 7 points to lead Harvard. The Crimson made only 6 buckets out of 23 attempts (26.1%) and made 2 of 7 three pointers (28.6%). They committed 8 turnovers in the second half. Gerry Blakes led ASU in the second half with 9 points while Savon Goodman contributed 8 points and 6 rebounds. The Sun Devils shot 39.1% from the field and hit 1 of 5 three pointers (20%). They out-rebounded Harvard 22-11 and committed 11 turnovers.

Wesley Saunders led Harvard with 15 points for the game, but 13 of those came in the first half. Siyani Chambers scored 10 points with all of those coming in the first 20 minutes. The Crimson went 16 of 44 from the field (36.4%) and hit 5 of 11 three pointers (45.5%). They made 9 of 15 free throws (60%), blocked 10 shots (4 by Steve Moundou-Missi), and committed 14 turnovers.

The Sun Devils had 4 players score in double digits. Shaquielle McKissic and Gerry Blakes finished with 13 points while Savon Goodman and Roosevelt Scott scored 10 points. ASU went 22 of 54 from the field (40.7%) and made 4 of 12 three pointers (33.3%). They went 8 of 11 from the free throw line, crushed Harvard on the glass 40-23, and committed 16 turnovers.

Harvard (7-3) has dropped back-to-back games after starting 7-1. They face Grand Canyon (8-7) Tuesday night on the road. Arizona State (8-5) opens Pac-12 play next Sunday against Arizona (12-1) in Tuscon.


Cornell Drops Low Scoring Affair To Saint Peter’s In Overtime

24 points from Shonn Miller was not enough for Cornell to dispatch St. Peter’s. The Peacocks won in overtime 59-52.

The first half was a poor shooting performance from both teams. The first points came after 2:09 elapsed on the clock when Robert Hatter made a layup. At the under 12 timeout it was 4-3 in favor of Cornell while the under 8 TV timeout provided a score of 7-5 in favor of Cornell. The remainder of the half was better from both teams with neither team getting a solid advantage. Cornell lead 17-15 at the break.

Tyler Gaskins scored 7 points in the first half to lead St. Peter’s. They shot 26.1% from the field on 6 of 23 shooting and hit only 2 of 8 three pointers (25%). They committed 9 turnovers as well. The Big Red were led by Shonn Miller’s 8 points while they shot 7 of 19 from the field (36.8%). They hit 3 of 6 three pointers (50%), out-rebounded St. Peter’s 13-12, and committed 12 turnovers.

The second half was far better for both teams from the field, but once again neither team was able to take control of the game. Cornell led 32-28 before two three pointers from Gaskins on either side of a Shonn Miller jumper tied the game at 34. With less than a minute remaining Desi Washington sank two free throws to give St. Peter’s a 45-42 lead. Miller came to the rescue for the Big Red by draining a three pointer with 29 seconds left. Regulation ended tied at 45 points.

In the overtime session, St. Peter’s scored 5 points in the first 1:13 to seize control of the game at 50-45. The next two and a half minutes consisted of more bricks by both teams before the final 1:03 gave St. Peter’s enough free throw attempts to salt the game away. The Peacocks hit 9 of 10 free throws in overtime to secure the victory.

Marvin Dominique led St. Peter’s with 17 points and 9 rebounds. Tyler Gaskins scored 16 points while grabbing 7 rebounds. Desi Washington finished with 13 points. The Peacocks went 15 of 52 from the field (28.8%) and hit 8 of 19 three pointers (42.1%). They made 21 of 28 free throws (75%), had 12 steals, and committed 13 turnover.

Shonn Miller scored 24 points for Cornell on 8 of 16 shooting. He also corralled 11 rebounds for his double-double of the season. Devin Cherry scored 14 points and grabbed 6 rebounds. The Big Red went 16 of 48 from the field (33.3%), made 5 of 20 three pointers (25%), and hit 15 of 22 free throws (68.2%). Both teams grabbed 38 rebounds while Cornell turned the ball over 20 times.

Saint Peter’s (6-7) faces Quinnipiac (5-5) Friday on the road. Cornell (6-6) has lost two of their last three games and it will more than likely be 3 of the last 4 with their next game at Syracuse (8-4) on Wednesday.

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